Letters to the Editor

Mike Fernandez: As a nation, are we slowly unraveling?

I hope that as a nation we can look beyond an improved economy as an indicator to the primary qualifier that the nation’s leader is re-electable.

We need a different type of person who will represent who we need to be as leaders of the free world.

During the last week, we saw the leaders of our longest standing allies being publicly insulted by our highest elected office and his surrogates. Each of these individuals represents hundreds of millions of individual citizens from their respective countries who have stood shoulder to shoulder with the our nation at times of crisis.

The acts by the White House during the past year are destroying decades of alliances and friendships. Should this continue, as it seems to be, what is assured is that a time when the world has gotten smaller and our need to reinforce alliances, the United States is not only becoming isolated but playing into the hands of those who are openly not our friends?

We are going to be not only lonely but guaranteed weaker, as strength and organization begin with communication, respect and trust and during the Trump administration, all three are no longer recognizable.

What is the purposes of having the nicest house in the city when neighbors don’t trust and insult one another? When our ability to pay for the mortgage depends on our income, yet we are so deeply in debt that we can’t meet our obligations.

How can we realistically expect improvement in the prospects of finding a new job, when we are unequipped with the educational know-how to excel at today’s employable positions which are no longer coal miners, clothing manufacturers, bank tellers, gas station attendants, steel worker or farmer?

America needs to move forward and needs change beyond an improved economy. We need to reclaim our civility towards others.

We learn by example and as a nation have entered a dangerous era when our highest public office shows an inability to communicate truths nor respect towards others. In fact, they are nonexistent. Without doubt, this leads to the lack of trust between each other and our neighbors and allies.

Michael “Mike” B.


Coral Gables