Letters to the Editor

Financial literacy at heart of OneUnited Bank’s contest for kids

As the largest black-owned bank in America, OneUnited Bank takes seriously educating our youth about making and keeping money. So seriously, in fact, that alongside our community partner BMe, we’re offering $1,000 in savings accounts for 10 lucky kids who read any financial literacy book as inspiration for an essay or work of art.

In our eighth year of having the I Got Bank Youth Essay & Art Competition, and in the age of the #BuyBlack MOVEment sweeping the country, never has educating our kids about money been more necessary.

Black America is experiencing a joyous awakening. More than ever, our community is turning within to seek answers to questions of how to progress in this exciting new cultural reality, especially about money. OneUnited is doing its part to ensure children in the black community are prepared to understand money.

Since the “Black Panther” movie was released, black children have enjoyed the thrill of having their own heroes and heroines who personify strength, intellect and excellence.

Teri Williams, president and owner of OneUnited Bank, penned a children’s book, “I GOT BANK: What my Granddad taught me about money,” which inspired the national contest. As one of the few banks in Liberty City, we pride ourselves on creating multigenerational tools to encourage financially literacy.

We invite children ages 8-12 to enter this exciting competition by submitting a 250-word essay to demonstrate an everyday understanding of how money and “the system” works. Submissions must be emailed or postmarked by June 15. Ten winners will be awarded a $1,000 OneUnited Bank savings account by Aug. 31.For more information about the contest rules, visit www.oneunited.com/book.

Suzan McDowell,

on behalf of OneUnited Bank,