Letters to the Editor

Voters have advantage in Miami strong mayor format

For those of us who make a living in the construction industry, accountability and efficiency serve as pillars to successful projects. Our clients expect us to be accountable for our work and we demand accountability from ourselves, our team members and our vendors.

Similarly, efficiency often serves as the backbone of any successful project management — getting the work done safely, correctly, on budget and on schedule — makes for a good day’s work in any industry.

In an ideal world, our elected leaders should also strive to make themselves more accountable for their decisions and work to create greater efficiencies within our local governments. The job of a politician should not end once elected, but rather truly begin once in office; and answering to the voters — being truly accountable to their needs and concerns – should be the central pillar of any administration.

This is why The Latin Builders Association is fully supportive of the strong mayor form of government initiative for the City of Miami, as led by Mayor Francis Suarez. The current format, where the mayor serves essentially a ceremonial role, despite being the only one elected citywide, seems antiquated and provides little room for accountability.

Essentially, the duties fall to an unelected administrator to manage the business of the city on a daily basis and not directly answering to the voters. The proposed format also brings with it the ability for the voters to recall the mayor, which should serve as quite the incentive to be accountable for anyone elected.

In the building business, when we do not do what we promised, we get replaced very quickly. The voters should have the same right. Our time is now!

Eric Montes de Oca,


Latin Builders Association,

Hialeah Gardens