Letters to the Editor

Taiwan’s foreign aid just as good as China’s

Regarding the May 18 article by reporter Jacqueline Charles, “Dominican Republic gives in to lure of Chinese partnership; is Haiti next?”

As Director General of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Miami, which represents the interest of Taiwan, I would like to point out that Taiwan was once a recipient of international aid.

With it, Taiwan was able to build infrastructure, which gradually provided the basis for the successful economic development our people now enjoy.

Today, we are dedicated to showing the same compassion to our diplomatic allies and those countries in need of our experience. We adhere to the principle of appropriate motives, due diligence and effective practices.

By establishing a specialized and reliable foreign aid model, it is clear that we have no intention to implement check book diplomacy, which pours money directly into the pockets of politicians.

The article also states that Taiwan’s allies are being lured by China’s economic offerings. Under the banner of so-called “righteous justice and interests,” China has been penetrating and influencing democratic countries. China’s action is a coercive step to isolate us internationally and compel us to adhere to the so-called One China Principle, which fully ignores the will of the Taiwanese people.

Taiwan is a peace-loving, independent sovereign state. Freedom, democracy, rule of law and respect to human rights are the core values Taiwan, the United States, and most democratic countries around the world share.

Taiwan should not be excluded from the global society due to China’s blockade and objection. Our foreign aid does not seek to challenge current international order.

It is the duty of Taiwan to give back to the international community that once provided assistance when it was most needed.

David Kuan Chou Chien,

Coral Gables