Letters to the Editor

CRC’s proposed amendment tries to fool the public

Tallahassee politicians keep trying to hide their real education agenda. They fooled us with the lottery amendment. They fooled us with measures to water down our class size limits. Now they are trying to fool us again with a proposed amendment on public school board term limits and duties.

This proposal by the Constitution Revision Commission would take power away from local elected school boards and give it to an unelected, unaccountable state board with free rein to create new charter schools whenever and wherever they want.

The CRC proposal also would drain more tax dollars from our local schools, and use our tax dollars to enrich for-profit charter companies and the politicians who support them.

Local elected school boards won’t be able to approve these charter schools, run them or supervise them — but you can bet that our tax dollars will fund them and that means fewer dollars for traditional public schools! Worse, this would create competing systems of public schools in each county and that will create chaos and extra costs for local school systems across the state.

Who is advocating this radical idea? A 37-member commission appointed by Rick Scott and those same Tallahassee politicians who stand to gain from it. It’s a massive power grab by Tallahassee politicians and for-profit charter companies.

They know voters would be outraged if they understood the scheme.

Tell Scott and his appointees on the Constitution Revision Commission that you won’t be fooled! And let them know that if they put it on the November ballot, we will be there in force to vote no! Now is the time to mobilize to protect our public schools and the future of communities across the state!

Susan Windmiller, president,

League of Women Voters of Miami-Dade County