Letters to the Editor

Marina at Watson

A marina at Watson Island makes sense, but what rich yacht owners are going to want to stay at a Watson Island hotel that’s close to nothing except Jungle Island when they can stay at the Fontainebleau, the Raleigh, the Delano, or any number of hotels in Miami Beach that are close to Lincoln Road and all the nightclubs?

Yacht owners are rich. They’re not tied to their boats. Additionally, the developers cannot seriously think that motorists on their way to Lincoln Road or downtown Miami are going to stop at the Shops of Watson Island.

Miami residents and tourists would be best served if Watson Island were developed as a recreational entity to complement Jungle Island, possibly as an amusement park with a permanent site for Cirque du Soleil, with a small hotel and restaurant at the top of a space needle.

Jaime Pujol, Miami