Letters to the Editor


It is hard to imagine the anguish of Steven Sotloff’s parents, who sent out a heartfelt plea to the barbarians of ISIS to spare their son’s life. In a matter of two weeks, it has orchestrated two public and horrific executions that have stunned the world and left all clamoring for answers.

The need for action is dire, but there must be a carefully thought-out plan that includes the regional powers. An inclusive policy is the only way to rid the world of the evil of ISIS. As the United States seeks to protect its soldiers and journalists in harm’s way, it must also acknowledge that all citizens of the region, including Muslims are in grave danger.

ISIS poses a grave danger to humanity and it requires a cogent response. We owe it to the mothers of this world, including Shirley Sotloff.

Mansura Bashir Minhas, Hollywood