Letters to the Editor

Education for all

While Florida and our nation struggle with whether to opt out of Common Core and the Florida Standards Assessments tests, children and parents should feel fortunate that they can receive an education. Public education is universally available in this country. The word “immoral” in Fred Grimm’s Sept. 4 column, Opting out of Common Core is immoral, struck a chord with me.

Today, there are about 57 million children of primary school age who are not attending school — that is immoral. Those children and families don’t even have the chance to buy into the Common Core argument. But, there is a solution, the Education for All Act 2013. Education can mean a world of difference, especially for girls, and can provide a way out of poverty.

So let’s do the moral thing by asking Florida’s congressional members to consider making education a reality for all children by co-sponsoring this bipartisan bill.

Betsy Suero Skipp, Miami