Letters to the Editor

Growth vs. traffic relief in state road extension battle

In 2008, the late David Lyons and I, as officers in Citizens Against Nonconcurrency Taskforce, Inc/CANT, a Florida nonprofit corporation, proposed to staff members of MDX the extension of State Road 836 along the lines of what’s currently being considered. They took the suggestion to the MDX Board, which adopted it as a project — 10 years ago.

The rationale for the project then, and now, is that traffic in West Kendall would be able to go west to 836 in the morning and east in the afternoon from 836, relieving traffic in east Kendall. The new road way would also serve Bus Rapid Transit with dedicated lanes and depots along the way.

Fellow environmentalists are overlooking the traffic and transit purpose of the roadway out of fear that it will increase pressure to build beyond it. While that may be true, the transit department does not issue building permits. It is the responsibility of the rest of government to build rationally and responsibly, a totally different matter.

So, really there are two issues: Traffic and transit is one. Rational growth and building is another. Out of fear that irrational growth could occur, my colleagues would rather not have the roadway we really need. They are beating the wrong horse.

They should be running up and down Biscayne Boulevard, beating pots and pans over the unrelenting effort by our administration, most commissioners, staff, consultants and developers to pave over paradise. They should be fighting for a building moratorium until we know exactly how many people our water will support, our sewer system is safe and functional, and we have a better way to dispose of our waste than befouling the aquifer.

Understand the real issues, and fight the correct battles. I’ll be there with you.

Barry J. White,


Citizens Against Nonconcurrency Taskforce,