Letters to the Editor

Tony Dungy: Let’s stop domestic violence

When a football team has an issue that needs addressing, it often begins with one player standing before the team, sharing his heart on the issue, and inspiring change to benefit the team.

Domestic violence in America has become a national health crisis. Each day seems to bring a new headline of our society’s failure to stop violence against women and girls. Our team is a nation of households. Our issue is generations of domestic violence. We must boldly denounce violence against women and teach our children to respect one another.

One in four women in the U.S. is a domestic violence victim. It is almost certain that someone you love has been physically and/or mentally abused by someone they love. Violence in the home can impact even the youngest members of the household. The long-term trauma affects everyone, and can cause severe psychological and physical damage.

The conversation surrounding domestic violence has risen nationally. The solution does not lie solely in highlighting statistics or sharing a hashtag on social media. It also lies within us as men and fathers who are willing to step up and commit to having these conversations with our children. Every touchdown on the field starts with practice. Similarly, raising children who respect themselves and others starts with your example. We must need to make sure these conversations happen in our communities and our homes.

As parents of 10, my wife and I consider it our responsibility to teach our sons that women should be treated with respect and to give all our children an example of a safe and respectful relationship. Parents must talk to their kids about healthy relationships and what is

unacceptable. Join us in ending domestic violence for future generations. Discover how with helpful resources at allprodad.com/boundaries.

Tony Dungy,

retired Super Bowl-winning NFL head coach,

Tampa Bay