Letters to the Editor

Why people think gun owners are nuts

The Aug. 26 letter No gun talk from doctors, supporting the restriction on doctors speaking to patients about gun safety is nonsensical. I’ve owned guns and was a weapons instructor in the Marine Corps. I am all for the Second Amendment, albeit with common-sense regulations such as expanded background checks and improved training.

But I’m also strongly in favor of the First Amendment, which this law and its supporters proudly trample. To forbid a doctor from reminding patients to secure guns from children and other practical suggestions not only violates the First Amendment and the sacred doctor/patient relationship, it defies rational thinking. By the writer’s logic, if a doctor has to be an NRA certified weapons instructor just to discuss simple gun safety, then shouldn’t every actual gun owner have to be highly trained as well?

With the bloody carnage of accidental killings by guns, often involving children, we know safety and training is sorely lacking. Insane laws like this and the arguments supporting them are why so many gun owners are labeled as gun nuts and why many of them need to be certified — in more ways than one.

Jim Llewellyn, Miami Springs