Letters to the Editor

Green on Miami Beach

There are 11 single-family homes scheduled for demolition and development review at next month's Design Review Board. Many of the homes have both architectural and historical significance to the community. They are being bulldozed at an alarming rate by speculators in order to make way for McMansions.

It is estimated that buildings contribute as much as one third of total global greenhouse gas emissions, according to the United Nations Environment Program. The demolition of buildings sends an intensive amount of waste to the landfill. New homes consume even more energy with their larger footprints.

Whether one identifies as an environmentalist or not, we all have a role to play in protecting our city from the consequences of sea level rise brought on by global warming. Indeed, Miami Beach is particularly exposed to climate change, with scientific models suggesting that the sea level could rise by two feet or more by the year 2060.

Miami Beach needs to decide whether we will take a lead in becoming more green and demonstrate responsible ways to mitigate the impacts from global warming, or whether we will continue to let developers contribute significantly to the problem.

Daniel Ciraldo, Miami Beach