Letters to the Editor

Long term on MDX

Long term on MDX

According to MDX Executive Director Javier Rodriguez, “The statutory term of appointment for an MDX Board Member is four years. An individual member may serve longer than that as a holdover if the appointing authority fails to timely make an appointment . Similarly, an individual board member may serve less than a four-year term if appointed during a holdover period of a prior member or due to a vacancy that occurs in the middle of a term. There are no statutory limits on the number of terms any individual may serve on the Board of Directors.”

That means MDX board members may remain in their appointed positions as long as the governor or county commissioners neglect to appoint new members. And, with “no statutory limits on the number of terms,” an MDX board member could remain in power until death do us part. Sounds like a marriage.

Pat Milone, The Redland