Letters to the Editor

Find real solution to Miami-Dade public transit

In an era in which responsible governing bodies as well as transportation agencies across this nation are trying to devise plans to get cars off streets and highways, advance public transportation and reduce pollution, the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority (MDX), is touting a plan that is diametrically opposed to such measures. MDX claims that the State Road 836 extension will reduce traffic congestion. But any rational person knows that isn’t true.

MDX should be constructing park-and-ride garages along SR 836 and working with Miami-Dade Transit to put express buses into service, which would reduce traffic as well as cut pollution.

Of course, this is just a pipe dream, because anyone who has the slightest inkling about the politics in Miami-Dade County knows that the gears of the decision-making process are well greased by the lobbyists representing developers and land speculators.

As a result, clear thinking and rational long-term planning play no part in the workings of an organization such as MDX.

Turner Cathey, Miami