Letters to the Editor

Obama reassures

What Americans call presidential leadership is more akin to what they know from the old cowboy movies they have been watching for the past hundred years.

It calls for a sheriff who rounds up the posse and then says, “Let’s go, boys, and get ’em.”

Wow! That’s real leadership. That’s what George W. Bush cried when he rounded up the U.S. troops to go into an unbelievably costly and futile war in Iraq.

And guess what? The American public approved, and President Bush was re-elected in 2004.

I didn’t vote for President Obama to repeat these hideous historical mistakes. That he is cool, calculating and brilliant about not getting America involved in the role of the world’s policeman reassures me.

More important, it seems, is the issue of whether Obama’s light beige summer suit was appropriate for a press briefing. According to a Republican congressman from New York, it was a signal to the rest of the world that the president was not serious about the threat of terrorism.

June Frost, Coral Gables