Letters to the Editor

Gas prices near MIA

Gas stations near Miami International Airport are charging exorbitant prices. I travel in and out of Miami weekly and regularly pass stations on Le Jeune Road listing prices of almost $5 per gallon.

I remember how the county responded after several hurricanes. Businesses were banned from gouging customers.

However, every time I drive by these locations that is exactly what I see, a last-ditch attempt to hit tourists with a final charge as they return their rental cars. Why this is permitted?

I have rented vehicles in many cities when I travel and have experienced similar problems around the country. If you take a close look at the local transportation travelers in and out of Miami who are taking I-95 onto SR 112, they do not have any good opportunities to stop for gas before they arrive to return their rental vehicles.

When tourists exit near the airport, they are left with no options but to pay these exorbitant prices to refuel their rental cars or be faced with an even more outrageous fee from the rental firms.

This price gouging gives many tourists a poor final impression of Miami-Dade.

Robert Alexander,

North Miami Beach