Letters to the Editor

Opposing Maule Lake

I have resided in North Miami Beach for almost 13 years. I consider myself to be well informed of what is going on in my community. I care about my city, and the people who live there.

I am aware that for quite some time, and for many reasons, the residents of Eastern Shores have expressed to city officials/staff, concern about the sale of Maule Lake, and the floating homes that the potential owners would like to place there. There has recently been more talk and more opposition since the Biscayne Times published a story on it.

By coincidence, a few days before the article about the floating homes was published by the Miami Herald, several residents of Western Eastern Shores reached out to me with their opposition to the project. Some said that they had previously reached out to our city council.

Since Sunday, Aug. 24, when the article was published, my phone hasn’t stopped ringing with complaints from people displeased at how the story failed to investigate that there was opposition. At this point, I do want to thank you for this article because calling attention to the issue infuriated the residents.

Fortuna Smukler, North Miami Beach