Letters to the Editor

Lessons from China

Kudos to my congresswoman, U.S. Rep Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, and Sen. Marco Rubio for sending their staffers to China. This should help open their eyes (and the eyes of their staffers) to what a real and effective policy toward Cuba should look like.

Those who believe that Cuban communism is any more Stalinist than China's is today, I suggest they read El Hombre que Amaba a los Perros — The man who loved dogs — a novel by Leonardo Padura, a Cuban who still lives and works in Havana.

It’s appalling that we Americans tend to have and share opinions that are so out of touch with the reality around us.

We need to let go of the prejudices and dogmas we are constantly fed by those we regard as experts and who are often as ignorant as everybody else, but who are very good at manipulating us with their repetitive nonsense.

José Manuel Pallì,

Coral Gables