Letters to the Editor

Take responsibility for healthcare

The Aug. 28 story Advocates for poor say Jackson Health System bars needy from charity care lacked objectivity. While there might be times when our health system needs some tinkering, the services offered by Jackson Health System and its partners are second to none.

I am currently a patient at Jackson Health System. I am responsible for keeping my health coverage with Jackson or Medicaid up to date. There have been times when a mistake has occurred and I have received an outrageous bill.

I have picked up the telephone, spoken to a financial adviser and had everything straightened out. Jackson Health System has a responsibility to provide services to our most needy population, but we need to take the first step, maintain our records and get the documents needed.

When I have not had the monies for an examination, or it has been difficult to obtain documents, I have reached out to an adviser, social worker or doctor,and they have been more than accommodating.

Ana Santos, Miami