Letters to the Editor

Southern border

Re the Aug. 25 editorial, Action on immigration: We are indeed heading into dark times when a major American newspaper urges the president of the United States to act unilaterally.

The immigration situation pales in comparison to the crisis we will face if a president is enabled to rule as a despot. The Founding Fathers set up a system that made the passing of legislation somewhat difficult. The intention was to provide for a give and take that would produce results palatable to the majority of the populace.

Our current immigration system is broken and in need of major revision.

Maybe if the president decided to enforce the laws regarding the security of our southern border we could proceed to deal with the remaining issues in good faith.

Someday there will be a president whose ideas of just policy will be contrary to those of the Herald.

My guess is we can then look forward to an editorial in support of enumerated powers and against an imperial executive.

Scott Schertzer, Miami Beach