Letters to the Editor

Dismal voting day

A lone voter at 9:30 a.m. faced 16 poll workers at the Coral Gables Congregational Church, where four precincts were open on Election Day. As this was only a primary, there were no long lines.

The cost per vote was high, though. Each poll worker is paid $100, and each secure ballot box, of which there were two per precinct, cost $20,000.

At least these black ballot boxes will last for years, especially if they don’t get more use than they did on TUesday.

A reported 30,000 for Miami-Dade had taken advantage of early voting at libraries.

Shame on us! But, on the other hand, why take the trouble to vote if the candidates don’t show much potential?

After being elected, do they bother to follow their utterings broadcast to gain our vote? Are we too depressed to vote, because of what elected officials fail to do, especially now when good governance and compromise are critical?

Do I, an ordinary citizen, have an understanding of the issues? Are the candidates able to focus on the issues? Or is it just the business and the money controlling the ballot box?

There will be other, more important, elections. Residents should not let a small percentage of us voters steal their right.

Mary Lou Winkler,