Letters to the Editor

Land of laws

I agree with Sabriya B. Ishoof that the death of Michael Brown is disturbing, as is the death of every young person regardless at whose hand. ( Injustice rules, Readers’ Forum, Aug. 26).

I disagree, however, that children need to be taught to be meek and subservient. We must keep in mind that we raise our children to function and live in a greater society. I, too, raised a son. To best equip him for that society I tried to ingrain certain values in him as he was growing up: Always respect your elders, do not challenge, rather obey, those in authority (teachers and police officers), we live in a country of laws that must be respected and obeyed. Do nothing that will show that you do not respect yourself because you are someone worthy of respect.

Keeping in mind that laws will be violated and respect will not always be reciprocated, this great country is governed by laws and the Constitution, and grievances can and should be addressed by proper channels — the courts.

Adela Sygman,

Palmetto Bay