Letters to the Editor

Cop cameras needed

Re the Aug. 22 article Mayor Gimenez wants cameras on all police: I’m a criminal-defense lawyer and former prosecutor. I defend cops when they’re accused of a crime. I’ve handled thousands of cases, but only a small fraction had video. With the videos, the truth always seems to come out. Without video, it’s your word against that of the police, and guess who wins that argument?

I’ve also uncovered videos and audio that show that the cops out-and-out lied. Without those tapes, an innocent person would have been convicted. On the flip side, I defended a Miami-Dade officer who was acquitted because the police audio tape helped show he wasn’t guilty.

I somehow knew the police union would be against videos. They want you to take their word for everything on every case. I don’t think the union speaks for all the really good cops who don’t abuse anyone or make up facts.

Get the cameras. It will foster true justice and not just promote a system of cases where the police generally win, right or wrong.

Michael Catalano, Miami