Letters to the Editor

Lifetime Rocket fan

I read with disgust the letter that Coach Roland Smith of Miami Central High received from a Hoover football fan. I have been an educator my entire life and I’ve tried to eradicate the ignorance of judging someone for the color of their skin. My mentor and best friend in the school system for years was Percy Oliver, a black All-American football player from Illinois who became principal and head of athletics for Miami-Dade County Public Schools. He became my dad after my father died, and we never let the color of our skin determine the limits or boundaries of our friendship.

The reason why I’m writing is to share with the young members of the football team that ignorance led to the letter that Coach Smith received. They should hold their heads high and continue to represent their classy school. They have many fans that will love them more than ever.

This letter has now enabled me to root for Rocket football as a lifetime fan. May they have much success this season — except when they play Gulliver.

Warren Zucker, Miami