Letters to the Editor

Support wild animals

I had mixed feelings reading about the large donations of Albert and Winifred Sami to Zoo Miami in the Aug. 16 article, Zoo Miami’s Ron Magill reveals identity of long-anonymous donors of millions. While one can’t dispute the generosity, the shame is that zoo animals, despite any talk of education and conservation are kept captive for life, and treated as exhibits for public amusement; the complete opposite to what would come naturally to them in the wild.

With the understanding that some zoos are better than others in regards to space and treatment, none are the ideal place for elephants, giraffes, gorillas, and the like.

For those with a disposable income and care for animals such as those at Zoo Miami, may I suggest donating to The Elephant Sanctuary, Primarily Primates or a similar place where the animals have acres of land and are not used as exhibits.

Mickey Kramer, New York