Letters to the Editor

Key Largo crossing

At its Aug. 13 meeting, the Monroe County Commission addressed the pedestrian crossing in Key Largo along the U.S. 1’s business section of Key Largo.

Evidently the Florida Department of Transportation has determined that enough foot traffic in the Holiday Inn vicinity exists to warrant a pedestrian crossing. It has created a crosswalk lane controlled by flashing yellow lights.

At the meeting, several speakers thought that this crosswalk was inadequate to resolve the issue.

Suggestions included a traffic light, a lower speed zone and pedestrians walking to the traffic light at Mile Marker 99 to cross.

This last would be a total disaster, with vehicle traffic crossing and turning from six directions.

Though each suggestion had some merit, none resolved the issue of “car vs. human.”

But there is a practical solution: Replace the crosswalk with an overhead pedestrian bridge, with ramps at both sides instead of stairs.

This way, pedestrians, bike riders, wheelchair users and others with walking disabilities can safely cross U.S. 1’s four lanes.

Howard Gelbman, Key Largo