Letters to the Editor

Cost of Clinton

If you want Hillary Clinton, who said she was flat broke, to be your speaker prepare for this:

A $300,000 fee, 20 seats for her friends, a chartered Gulfstream 450 jet, two-round trip business class for staff, a presidential hotel suite and three adjoining rooms for aides, all meals, incidentals, telephone and $1,250 for a stenographer.

What do you get for that? 90 minutes with Clinton, 50 photos and no advertising and no press coverage.

Perhaps someone should ask her about: Whitewater, where she lied and her business partner went to jail; or her $100,000 in profits in 1979 on a $1,000 investment in cattle futures which she knew nothing about (the odds were one in 250 million).

Finally, her Benghazi incompetence and lies and apologizing for Hamas terrorist attacks on Israel.

Jose A. Mesa, Jr.,