Letters to the Editor

Parking shortage in Wynwood must be addressed

In reference to the article Wynwood entrepreneurs at odds with Miami Parking Authority over district’s future:

Much of Wynwood's economy is driven by hospitality and retail, both of which are well-known to pay minimum wages while offering only 30-hours-a-week to avoid having to pay benefits.

Having to pay $55-per-month in order to park in a dangerous area a good distance from the jobs will have a huge negative impact on the workers. Parking Authority CEO Art Noriega has been listening to business owners who want higher parking turnover.

A prominent local business person is quoted in today's article as saying that it is inevitable, progress. Not one word about the impact on those who work in the area. I think that is shameful. Fifty-five dollars is about one entire day's pay. There has to be a better way than letting the Parking Authority expand its reach for the sake of its own expansion and to ignore all the stakeholders. Boca Raton has figured out that free day time parking and charging for parking in the evening works. The Dadeland Mall has a formula that appears to work very well for the consumers and employees. It is time to add some balance.

Miami does not need new garages with retail space. Marlins Park is a total bust in that regard, and the Oak Street garage in Center Grove is an example of a garage having trouble filling vacancies. Dinner Key does not need first floor retail at the planned garage. Let us try to come up with a parking policy that considers everyone's interest.

Kim Bradley, Coconut Grove