Letters to the Editor

Fatal dog attack

I’m a veterinarian and here’s my take on the pit bull tragedy in Miami-Dade:

1) The sad case of a child killed by a dog or dogs is the responsibility of the family, not the animals.

2) The owner has shown poor judgment, never mind disregard for common sense or following the law.

3) I can’t think of how it is going to be determined which dog participated in the brutal attack, but the pit bull, whether guilty or not, was the first one to be sacrificed. Talk about killing based on racial profiling!

4) The veterinary community is, and has been for many years, against the pit bull ban. We support a law against aggressive dogs, but not a law against a particular breed. To our shame, Miami-Dade, as far as I know, is the only county in the USA with such an unfair law.

5) In the recent attack case, it should be taken into consideration that there was a female dog with puppies, which is known for making the bitch overly protective and aggressive against strangers.

Sergio E. Vega, Miami