Letters to the Editor

Too much coverage

With 24-hour coverage of a St. Louis suburb and the shooting of a resident by police, we must get another 24-hour news channel. The Middle East is exploding. American citizens are at risk from brutal terrorists.

Congress has yet to pass a rational bipartisan bill on immigration or budgets. The president is less visible but for his few news conferences. Bank of America is fined $17 billion and this is way down the list in news stories. Fox news still only focuses on Obamacare. Granted, it is more tolerable due to the eye candy anchors, but they are not news people.

I am sorry for anyone’s death, whether in Ferguson or Iraq. I think when an outlaw clan like ISIS murders an American reporter, that is the headline and that is where our focus needs to be.

Fighting them should be easy with our drones and missiles.

Norm Stewart, Aventura