Letters to the Editor

Declare war on ISIS

The ISIS army, along with the other Islamic militants, have declared war on us by killing our citizens and threatening to kill more.

We should attack them with everything we can until they are all destroyed. This is our kind of military operation. The ISIS has armored columns in the desert. No jungles or caves to hide in. They are out in the open and we have total air control. In WWII, 18,000 troops was an easy force to defeat. We did it lots of times.

On the Island of Tinian, there were 9,000 Japanese troops who had years to fortify their position with bunkers, buried artillery, pill boxes and booby traps. We killed them in one week. Iwo Jima had 18,000 Japanese defenders, all well fortified and entrenched in caves and bunkers.

Of course, these were bloody battles against a determined enemy on islands covered in mountains and jungles and we lost many soldiers, but we won.

The difference is that ISIS is in an open desert with nowhere to hide and we can do it all from the air with no boots on the ground. Israel won this way in the 1967 Six Day War and our air power is 50 years more advanced technologically. Lets get the job done before thousands more innocent civilians are killed by these monsters.

Ira Jacobson, Coral Gables