Letters to the Editor

Double standard I

Where are the protests over the death of 22-year-old Maria Fernanda Godinez, accidentally shot to death in Orlando by a police officer? Where is the call for a grand jury to investigate the shooting? Where are the news editorials about poor police/community relations? Where is the U.S. Attorney General? Maria was not threatening a police officer’s safety. She was at a bar with friends, enjoying an evening out. She was nowhere near Kody Roach, the drunken armed man who was pounding on the door of the bar, and who probably didn’t have time to shoot at police himself, according to Orlando’s police chief.

Where are all the pundits, commenting on what this shooting means? Wait a minute. What was the victim’s name again? Maria. Ah, a woman. That must explain it. Never mind.

Sheryl Stolzenberg, Lake Mary