Letters to the Editor

Flap over flag

Now I’ve seen it all! A private citizen donates a multimillion-dollar symbol of our nation’s patriotism, and all hell breaks loose. This is the same man who has donated millions to fund hospitals and education in our community. The same man who received an honorary degree from St. Thomas University for his philanthropy. This is the same man who shared with his employees millions earned by selling his business.

Never mind that his name wasn’t even attached to the gift. Names of fine citizens are prominently displayed on the ballet, symphony, theater, museums, parks.

Billionaire corporations attach their names to professional sport arenas; never to a school or a hospital . . . and not a bleep from our community. We would benefit to have many more Mike Fernandezes who care so much about our community.

Perhaps Pamela Druckerman is right: Miami has a lot of growing up to do!

Lucila F. Mascaro, Coral Gables

Flag is a home run