Letters to the Editor

Ray Allen home was violated

Young people who are 18 and 19 are not “teens.” They are, at best, young adults, eligible to vote and serve in the military. Teens younger than this have been charged and convicted as adults for murder and other crimes.

Ray Allen’s home and family were violated and interfered with by adults behaving as criminals. Did anyone check the blood-alcohol or illegal-drug levels of these adults?

Just because they said they didn’t intend to take anything doesn’t prove it. The Coral Gables Police Department’s position is wrong, illogical and suspicious. Reporting both by local TV stations and the Miami Herald defining this illegal act as perpetrated by “teens” is irresponsible.

While I don’t support the Stand Your Ground law, I do wonder what the headlines would read if Mrs. Allen had a gun and had shot the perpetrators?

Irene P. Warner,