Letters to the Editor

Oil in the Atlantic

Re the July 22 editorial, Keep the Oceans Clean: Seismic surveys are the best way to safely explore for oil and natural gas offshore. Operators take great care to protect wildlife, and the best science and decades of experience prove they pose no danger to marine mammal populations.

In fact, the noise is comparable in volume to the sounds of sperm whales echo-locating for prey, wind and wave action, rain, and shipping operations.

Four decades of worldwide seismic surveying activity has not resulted in any documented evidence of harm to marine mammals.

Earlier this year, the co-chairs of the Presidential Oil Spill Commission said, “Offshore drilling is safer than it was four years ago” because industry and the government have worked together to develop new safety standards to improve spill prevention and response.

Responsible offshore energy production will bring significant job creation and economic growth to states from Florida to Maine and beyond. False allegations about seismic surveying should not stand in the way.

The government should allow oil and natural gas exploration and development in the Atlantic so the United States can achieve its full potential as an energy superpower.

David Mica, executive director, Florida Petroleum Council, Tallahassee