Letters to the Editor

LeBatard and LeBron

I’m not in a position to judge the fairness of Dan LeBatard’s two day suspension from ESPN radio. He has an unorthodox approach to journalism and, thus, his billboard prank is consistent with his iconoclastic personality, which in most cases brings novelty and entertainment to a sometimes dull profession.

However, what’s more of an offense in my mind is his hypocrisy regarding LeBron James’ decision to return to Cleveland.

James fumbled another breakup leaving Miami without much gratitude or class.

Yet, LeBatard and others were so quick to exonerate him and applaud his decision.

These sentiments were transparent, masking the bitterness many fans and local sports writers felt towards his decision to jump ship.

It was only when King James was out of earshot that they expressed their true feelings.

James, once again, bit the hand that fed him.

Mark Elman, Miami