Letters to the Editor

Flag at Museum Park

I read the Aug. 7 disturbing article, Billionaire pitches proposal for a massive flag over Miami, that reported what a local Cuban billionaire, Mike Fernandez, wants to erect over our downtown Museum Park. This would be a 500-pound U.S. flag attached to 40-story-tall flagpole. I can't believe this “Wrong way Corrigan“ idea actually gets serious discussion, but according to the article, a city commissioner and the city manager are considering it. Imagine a 40-story-tall eyesore, totally out of proportion to its surroundings, overwhelming the park.

I’m not against the U.S. flag, but this is ridiculous. While it’s a laudable idea for Fernandez to donate his money, it should not be allowed in this form.

A far better idea would be something more in proportion to the environment of the Museum Park. Possibly a normal sized flag and pole at the seawall meeting the bay, and additionally, to organize and lobby for a small child's playground and/or also a multi-station circuit training course, for athletes, around the park perimeter. These things would give the park an added dimension while attracting actual beneficial usage to the park. The millions Fernandez is willing to spend would probably cover the cost of all these alternative improvements.

Jim Martindale, Miami