Letters to the Editor

Medicine gone wrong

In preparing for a trip to East Africa, I went to my physician to acquire a prescription for a malaria preventative as I will be traveling to an area where malaria is known to exist. I was informed by AvMed, my HMO, that they do not cover malaria preventative drugs for traveling. When asked why not, I was told that it was considered “third party” and was not covered under my policy, but could get no other explanation.

I then asked if I would be covered for treatment should I contract malaria and the answer was “yes, because that would be a medical necessity.” So, I confirmed that they are not willing to pay the relatively small price for preventative medication, but will pay exponentially more for the treatment of the disease that could have been prevented. Unbelievable! No wonder the cost of medicine is so ridiculous!

Ron Magill, Miami