Letters to the Editor

Part of the story

Re the Aug. 5 story Plans face rate hike: Once again another story undermines the overall benefit of Obamacare. It is outrageous that insurers attribute the increases to higher costs because they now cover people with preexisting conditions, limit the amount they can charge older members or charge more for women.

Are they not ashamed to say this publicly? Where are these people supposed to get healthcare? Our goal as a prosperous nation should be to improve the health of all our citizens, while decreasing the use of more expensive acute care.

It is even more disconcerting that there is no public outcry. Does anyone bother to question that the driving forces for the increased premiums are corporate profit and exorbitant CEO salaries ranging from $6 million to $12 million? I presume that this would take too much time to research for the average public. It is much easier to come to conclusions from just a four-word headline.

Ana Butaric, Pembroke Pines