Letters to the Editor

Better ideas

The same day that I applied to run as a candidate for the Miami-Dade County Commission, District 10, the sabotaging of my campaign began. I filed complaints, to no avail. I have been discriminated against, bullied and isolated. My communications, contributors, events, advertising and volunteers have been blocked.

I have put all my strength and little resources available to get on the ballot, and I’ve succeeded.

I was never given a fair chance to compete like any other candidate, but my passion for justice, my belief in democracy, freedom and liberty combined with my moral principles, capacity and desire to make the community a better place will allow us to improve and reinvigorate District 10 — not for a select few, but for everyone.

It is interesting that the only distinctions that the Herald draws between the candidates for District 10 is my lack of time in district politics and the incumbent Javier Souto’s ability to fix sidewalks and illuminate parks. Unlike my opponent, I recognize that there are economic and commercial issues affecting those who live in District 10 — issues that demand the attention of someone with novel ideas rather than someone who will simply repeat history with indifference.

Marina Meadows, Miami