Letters to the Editor

Rogue leader

Our country cannot survive as an “adhocracy” by executive decree that advances the ideological whims of an oligarchy. Dramatically expanding the welfare state while creating a de facto open border by executive decree will not end well for the United States, especially in the midst of soaring deficits and difficult economic times. These two opposing policies are being implemented by a lawless president and virtually no debate in Congress thanks to Senate President Harry Reid. The president has gone rogue and the Democratic Congress fecklessly cheers him on.

Americans’ immediate and long-term interests have been subordinated to the interest of the Democratic Party, which is to shut down opposition, consolidate power and enforce it will by any means necessary. The insidiousness of the Democrats’ approach to governance is reckless and creating deep divisions in our national psyche.

“Country first” has been replaced by “party first,” and that has never ended well.

Carl F. Paulsen Jr.,

Miami Shores