Letters to the Editor

Clean energy jobs

In the discussion of how to combat climate change it is important to make sure the voices of working families are included. This is especially true right here in South Florida, ground zero for the impact of climate change. If Gov. Rick Scott and our other elected leaders ignore the problem, the consequences of rising sea levels, extreme heat events, and decreased water availability will be a burden passed along to working families.

With the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed Clean Power Plan there is an opportunity to reduce carbon pollution while creating jobs. With the proper leadership, Gov. Scott can meet the EPA’s carbon reduction goals by focusing on creating good jobs in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

The South Florida Labor Council is calling on the governor to put forward a state plan that utilizes solar and other clean energy technologies, energy efficiency, carbon capture and sequestration, and other methods. We urge him to release the plan publicly and include detailed information about the number and quality of jobs he expects the plan to create.

Andy Madtes, president, South Florida Labor Council, Miami