Letters to the Editor

Preserve local history

Re the July 24 article, Miami Beach to take up question of renaming Arthur Godfrey Road: Here we go again with removing the name of a street. It would seem that Arthur Godfrey, the radio and television personality of the mid to late 20th Century, is no longer relevant to the current residents of Miami Beach.

Why is history so insignificant to most in South Florida? Does anyone remember that publicists such as Hank Meyer lobbied celebrities to bring their television shows to Miami Beach in the 1950s and 60s? The publicity of having broadcasts that originated from our tropical paradise to northern viewers dealing with snow was priceless.

It was done with Godfrey, Jackie Gleason and countless others.

These men were part of our local history. Do most residents really know who Julia Tuttle, Carl Fisher, John Collins, or Thomas Pancoast were?

Should we remove their names because they are no longer relevant, as well? Let's preserve a little history.

John W. Borsa Jr., Miami