Letters to the Editor

Trans-Pacific Partnership threatens the American Dream

Globalization is here, what’s not is fair trade. Congress should be deciding how trade agreements will affect ordinary people in this country and around the world, not government and big businesses representing the 12 countries that have spent years negotiating a massive new trade bill without telling the public about it.

Despite the July 25 international trade article Study: No pact a setback for U.S., Americas, governments, multinational corporations and the media have kept secrets for almost four years from workers here and abroad, which is neither objective nor transparent — and surely not democratic. The article did not mention that one of the trading partners, Vietnam, pays their workers 24 cents an hour and the nation of Brunei condones Sharia law.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is one of the biggest hoaxes perpetrated on the American people and is on the same scale of the so-called reasons the United States invaded Iraq years ago.

Under the U.S. Constitution, Congress is to write the laws and set trade policies, not big business lobbyists who want to seize those congressional powers.

These public servants were elected to serve, protect and meet the needs of the majority of Americans, not just the 1 percent. The Obama administration, like most of its predecessors beginning with President Nixon’s, are attempting to negate congressional impact on trade deals (amending or changing provisions) while continuing to kill the American Dream for more Americans.

The 1 percent gets richer while the 99 percent struggles to stay out of poverty, accelerating the decline of what’s left of our manufacturing into a servant economy.

The TPP threatens everything from food safety, Wall Street regulations, labor, the environment and human dignity. It could extend patents on brand name pharmaceuticals to keep less expensive generic drugs off the shelf. No government or multinational corporation should ever have a competitive edge by exploiting its people here or abroad.

Working Floridians expect our representatives in Congress to hold the line on bad trade deals, even those advanced aggressively by the administration. We will demand no less.

Fred Frost,

Florida director,

Citizens Trade Campaign, Miami