Letters to the Editor

Clean Venezuelan money?

Hats off to the feds for arresting former Venezuelan Judge Benny Palmeri-Bacchi on drug trafficking charges as he made his merry way to Disney World (Chávez officials accused in drug cases, July 25). It was recently reported that Venezuelans are currently among the largest of all cash purchasers of real estate in South Florida. Coincidence? Given that the Venezuelan economy is in shambles, the question arises where is all this money coming from? Especially since it is almost impossible for the ordinary Venezuelan citizen to get his hands on the amount of dollars needed to buy a condo on Brickell.

A reasonable answer would be that it’s being embezzled by the Chavistas and their cronies or is coming from drug trafficking and is being laundered in the United States and, one assumes, elsewhere. Although these crooks may act with impunity in Venezuela, it behooves the U.S. and every other civilized nation to not accept one dollar from these “investors” unless they can prove that their money is not ill-gotten.

David Sanchez, Miami