Letters to the Editor

Solution to problems

The July 27 front page article State GOP won’t talk about trips to ranch dealt with corrupt Republican politicians accepting Big Sugar money to hunt in Texas’ King Ranch. Shocking, but we knew it long ago. Their sort of hunting is barbarous and environmentally unethical.

The second front page story, For Florida’s ‘Snake Dundee,’ hunting pythons is a calling, was about Ruben Ramirez and George Brana, dedicated Burmese python hunters. Their hunting, though they admit it’s a losing cause, is worthy and necessary, as pythons are extremely invasive, have decimated native mammal wildlife in the Everglades, and their population is exploding.

There a simple solution to both problems: Prosecute these bribe-accepting, hunter-politicians and condemn them to lifelong community service shooting pythons under the tutelage of Ramirez and Brana, if these gentlemen can put up with the stench of corruption.

Chris Reiss, Hollywood