Letters to the Editor

Make ACA work

I read the July 24 article Judges in health care rulings vote party line, in which the Washington Court of Appeals has ruled that the ACA requires that a subsidy can only go to those who sign up for healthcare on state exchanges. This means that any state that refuses to set up an exchange is robbing their citizens of this financial assistance. The federal healthcare exchange is not mentioned in the law, therefore, according to the ruling, all those who have no state exchange are left out. This will put healthcare out of the reach of many Americans.

This ruling is the letter of the law. The Florida Legislature has blocked healthcare for poor Floridians for too long. Go to www.myfloridahouse.gov and find your representatives. Call them, email them, snail mail them, but let them know leaving our residents sick and unable to afford to see a doctor is not the American way. Florida should get on the side of its citizens and make Obamacare work for us.

Mary Zins, Miami