Letters to the Editor

Who’s the dictator?

So Rep. John Boehner is suing the president for using executive orders to “rewrite the law.” Along with his “Teapublicans“ he has referred to our president as a dictator, a tyrant and a king. His suit was instigated when the president extended the mandatory period for large corporations to comply with the Affordable Care Act. This order was in response to pressure exerted by some megacorporations that claimed they needed more time to arrange coverage for all employees. Note, no law was ever changed, just extended, and corporations will still have to comply.

For years the Senate has passed numerous bills for jobs, funding the VA, eliminating subsidies for overseas companies, minimum-wage increase, student loans improvement and more. Hundreds of bills!

But one man, Speaker Boehner, is the gatekeeper of what bills go to a vote and he refuses a vote on anything that is good for Americans. However, he did find the time to schedule more than 50 votes to overturn the ACA, which is popular with the majority, including Republicans.

Jude Smallwood, Royal Palm Beach