Letters to the Editor

Gay marriage battle

Pam Bondi needs to review the many court rulings of late, regarding same-sex marriage bans. Recently, the first federal appellate court ruling, Kitchen v. Herbert, was published, holding that bans against same-sex marriage violates the U.S. Constitution’s equal-protection and due-process clauses.

Every single lower court addressing this issue has ruled similarly. Kitchen was from the 10th Circuit, but it is highly unlikely the 11th Circuit would rule differently, given the many cases that have struck down same-sex marriage bans.

Just how long is Bondi going to waste taxpayer dollars defending the indefensible? As an attorney, she should well understand that the U.S. Constitution trumps what Florida citizens voted for in amending the state Constitution.

The majority does not rule when individual constitutional rights are at stake.

Bondi’s tilting at windmills is not a smart way to use taxpayer dollars.

Jean Winters, Boca R