Letters to the Editor

Save Liberty City from domestic terrorists

The Department of Justice’s first priority is to ensure public safety against foreign and domestic terrorism to protect innocent Americans from the deadly plans of those dedicated to destroying our American way of life.

Unfortunately, that promise has been unfulfilled for a largely poor African-American community within the city of Miami. The USA Patriot Act defines domestic terrorism as activities that involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of any state which appears to be intended to intimidate a civilian population within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States. The recent attempted massacre that claimed the lives of two residents in the Liberty City community is indubitably domestic terrorism, and it’s about time that federal authorities get involved to stop the carnage and invest resources to protect our homeland.

Unquestionably, two murderers respectively firing an AK-47 and an AR-15 within a crowd of nearly a dozen unarmed people where seven were wounded and a couple died is an act that is dangerous to human life and a violation of many laws within Florida. More than 60 bullets ripped through the bodies of innocent victims and caused gaping holes in the living quarters of the apartment complex where the shooting occurred.

The shooting not only put the lives of those struck in danger, but anyone who slept in the vicinity of the shooting because the bullets fired were forceful enough to pierce through residential walls. In Liberty City there is no other fear greater than being hit by one or many of the bullets fired from these weapons designed for war.

The domestic terrorists use of such high rate of fire and caliber weapons, more commonly seen in international wars, paralyzes our community in fear. Their strategic and daunting acts upon our residential community are designed to keep our children, seniors, and disabled in continuous captivity under the fear of impending death. Such deadly intimidation is intended to keep witnesses from informing the police of their knowledge of the crime so that these domestic terrorists can continue to walk freely within our community to plan and commit other massacres. If these domestic terrorists are not removed from our homeland, more innocent people will continue to perish.

Therefore, I call upon the federal government to invest the same amount of resources into this Liberty City tragedy as they have in prosecuting the so-called Liberty City Six and the Boston Marathon bombing where the killers were identified amongst thousands of people and eventually captured through the investigative efforts of the FBI.

The federal government can no longer sit idle while the people in our community continue to be murdered by domestic terrorists when the government is charged with protecting us in our homeland inasmuch as they protect others in foreign countries. Without federal protection Liberty City will never be the land of the free.

Keon Hardemon, vice-chairman, Miami City Commission